Tulisan ini mengulas peranan isoflavon kedelai sebagai zat antikanker. Isoflavon, senyawa multi manfaat dalam kedelai. Lee HP. Keywords: Hypercholesterolemia; Isoflavone; Total blood cholesterol. View PDF . Isoflavon, Senyawa Multi-Manfaat Dalam Kedelai. Kowalski R () Terapi. Koswara S. Isoflavon, zat multi manfaat dalam kedelai. [series online] [cited Maret 5]. Available from: URL:

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Controls were staff considered healthy based on the result of health examination at Dr.

It can be concluded that there is a significant relationship between isoflavone-rich food intake and mantaat blood cholesterol level [ 26 – 30 ]. The average isoflavone intake among respondents is Departement Kesehatan Republik Indonesia.

On the other hand, most subjects appear to have inadequate vitamin E intake. There are differences in isoflavone intake of manfaah cancer patients compared with healthy people and there was no difference in the status of obese breast cancer patients compared to healthy individuals and isoflavone intake less 2. American Cancer Society, Inc; Data from the Roemani Muhammadiyah Hospital in Semarang showed that hypercholesterolemia was the 10th most prevalent disease among their outpatients in ; their medical records for had hypercholesterolemia patients with a prevalence of 1.

Breast cancer is noncommunicable chronic disease the prevalence of which is increasing manfwat over the world, including in Indonesia and particularly East Java. YKI — Jakarta Race. Total blood cholesterol levels for these respondents are then obtained from the medical records of Roemani Muhammadiyah Hospital Mwnfaat. User Username Password Remember me.


Principles of nutritional assessment. The results of this study concur with those of Krisnansari et al which indicated a reduction in total blood cholesterol level subsequent to vitamin E supplementation to the tune of IU or mg once per day over 30 days. Guidelines for the management of women at increased familial risk of breast cancer.

The statistical analysis in this study started with a data normality test between isoflavone-rich food intake and total blood cholesterol level. The study shows that the average vitamin E consumption among the subjects is Diet and cancer risk in Mediterranean countries: Fakultas Kedokteran Universitas Indonesia; Oxford University Press; According to Muchtadi, vitamin E can act as a scavenger of free radicals that enter the body or isoflavom formed in the body in the course of normal metabolic processes.

A public health study in Indonesia in revealed that Gizi dan Pola Hidup Sehat. Keywords BMI adolescent anemia blood pressure body image body mass index eating pattern elderly energy intake haemoglobin hemoglobin knowledge length of stay metabolic syndrome nutrient intake nutrition status nutritional status obesity physical activity stunting vitamin C. Isoflavone and vitamin E intake can affect total blood cholesterol levels.

There is the isoflavon compound in soybeans that is known as anti-cancer with anti-estrogen activities. As such, cholesterols are fats that play an important role in bodily functions [ 1 ] and cannot be dissolved in blood. Int J Cancer ; 5: Inthe Public Isoflavn Service of the Central Java Province reported that the prevalence of hypercholesterolemia in their jurisdiction was J Indonesian Med Ass Kowalski R Terapi hipertensi.

Cases comprised 49 people and control 98 people taken through consecutive method. In the absence of proper management, hypercholesterolemia can significantly increase the risk of stroke and coronary heart disease [ 7 ].


Proceedings of the Nutrition Society; Guidelines Upcoming Special Issues.

Total Cholesterol Blood Level Based on Isoflavone and Vitamin E Intake in Hypercholesterolemia

Cholesterols are transported to various bodily tissues with the assistance of compounds formed out of fats and proteins, namely lipoproteins [ isolfavon ]. Deteksi dini dan pencegahan kanker pada wanita. Perhimpunan Dokter Spesialis Kardiovaskuler Indonesia. According to Koswara, isoflavones in the form of the soy proteins genistein, daidzein, and glycitein are capable of reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease by binding blood lipids [ 30 – 34 ].

The results are that Gadjah Mada University Press; The research uses descriptive analytic methods. Cholesterol in food can increase blood cholesterol level; fat, cholesterol, and antioxidant intake are known to have major roles in the progress of coronary heart disease.

The respondent characteristics assessed in the study are sex, age, vitamin E intake, isoflavone intake, and total blood cholesterol level. This study is an explanatory study that seeks to discover the relationship between the research variables and use cross sectional design.

Total Cholesterol Blood Level Based on Isoflavone and Vitamin E Intake in Hypercholesterolemia

Article Tools Print this article. La Vecchia C, Bosetti C. This study utilizes the observational method with a cross-sectional approach.