Är det någon som vet status? Jag missade tyvärr att backa när det begav sig, och alla Kickstarter-updates är enbart för backers. Om jag inte. Helmgast. Rollspel på allvar. Senaste nytt. Eon 20 år av äventyr · Neotech Realtid är för långsamt · Kult Divinity Lost Järn Rollspel i en mytisk forntid. Hardcover Core Rules book pages“We live in a world where the sun has set.” KULT: Divinity Lost is a reboot of the highly acclaimed and infamous.

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Kult (role-playing game) – Wikipedia

Kultt these spells have very long casting times up to several dayshighly specific and exacting verbal, material and somatic requirements, and can only be cast inside the sorcerer’s consecrated temple, these spells are actually more like quasi-religious rituals. The game concept relies on there being several realities that may appear when the Illusion shatters: For the hardcore collector!

For the true fans and collectors of KULT. The result can create good or bad outcomes, but it will always be something exciting that pushes the story and forces the characters to make fast and tough choices! The advantages and disadvantages are typically talents and traits that work for or against the character, such as on the positive side having animal friendship, artistic talent, body awareness, a code of honor, or from the negative spectrum being socially inept, suffering from a drug addictionsex addiction, paranoiamystic rollsepl or similar.

Check out the FAQ.

Will feature Kult-ish imagery on the cover side facing the players. Mankind is trapped in an Illusion. The full color core rules and settings book, with a unique Demiurge cover in Leather of mysterious origins.

We do not see the great citadels of Metropolis towering over our highest skyscrapers. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

We have a wide range of options available, from two Standard Editions, a Special Edition, and Limited Collector’s Editions, to two unique, one-of-a-kind Super-Collector’s Editions — the “Astaroth”, and the “Demiurge”, respectively.


It refers to a murder in a small town in southern Sweden called Bjuvwhere a year-old was killed by two and year-old friends who according to kuult legal motion were influenced by Kult. A ready-to-play story scenario, good for sessions, with suggested pre-made characters, custom fitted for the story klut maximum drama, horror, and Kult-ishness.

Support Select this reward.

Estimated delivery Dec This is an rollslel exclusive limited print run, which will never be re-printed. A full deck rlllspel tarot cards with the major powers in the Kult mythos. One of the more central elements of the game is that the Demiurge has disappeared since just before the 20th century, and since then Astaroth, the Archons and the Death Angels have been struggling for power.

A deck of cards with the basic rules for example the basic moves, damage rules, etcweapons everything from handguns, assault rifles, to fire-axe or a chainsawand specific gear, for easy reference for the players. Divinity Lost Core Book with unique individual Archon name embossed.

The Child of Night archetype is not rllspel human. If you missed out click here to access select products from the Kickstarter via our webstore, using Credit Card or PayPal.

The further from this balance point zero the character’s Mental Balance gets, the more easily he or she will become emotionally and mentally unbalanced by shocking events.

If you dare to tread the dark universe of KULT without any prior knowledge of what will happen before play, the rules will give you extensive tools for the rollspek of creepy, bloody, rollsppel agonizing stories as they develop. Normal characters usually have skill ranges of 3 to 20; to succeed in a skill roll, the player needs to roll equal or below his character’s skill.

Divinity Lostan edition not based on previous rulesets, bringing forward the “now” of the setting from the s to the present. Free for all printed versions of the Core Rulebook pledges. The forthcoming ruleset Divinity Lost is based on the Apocalypse World rules engine. They can be used to create storylines and metaplots as well as an ingame storytelling tool.


KULT – Döden är bara början – Andra Utgåvan (001-0600)

Digital screen with the most important info for the Narrator. The full color core rules and settings book, with a unique Demiurge cover in Leather of mysterious origins, with some input from the buyer. Det finns ingen absolut ondska och det finns ingen absolut godhet.

Some symbols and creatures appearing in Kult can also be seen in other Swedish games to which the Kult authors and production team also have contributed. But some of us see glimpses from beyond the veil.

Taroticum and Other Tales – Scenario collection. If you want to add an add-on to your pledge, please add the specified amount to your total pledge. Views Read Edit View history. Both currently out of print, though copies can be purchased through secondary and specialized markets.

We will investigate other language versions in the future, but nothing is certain or confirmed at rollspwl point in time. The story moves forward. Some pledge levels already has this included. Digital album featuring various dark, ambient artists.


The featured cover is the ” Sathariel Edition “. But some of us see glimpses from beyond the veil. Feb 25, – Mar 31, 35 days.

The full color core rules and settings book, with the official uncensored cover art. A new Enlightened-level archetype will be added to the selection.

Or maybe for using the illusion against itself, for unknown reasons. We will ask you to make your choice some time after the Kickstarter campaign has finished.

It will however always be something interesting and often horrific happening. The full color core rules and settings book, with a beautiful and grotesque faux leather cover embossed with the Metropolis symbol.