The Baphomet [Pierre Klossowski, Sophie Hawkes, Stephen Sartarelli] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Fiction. Pierre Klossowski’s last. the critics’ prize that year to Klossowski’s final novel, Le Baphomet. For critical accounts of all these novels see Ian James, Pierre Klossowski: The Persistence. Pierre Klossowski – The Baphomet by duarte0martinho.

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Prior notes during reading some likely now redundant: I can re-read and re-read, and still not unravel the threads here.

The actual story here is entirely entertaining, but the rather stilted, circumspect delivery translation? This is because each of the husbands is accused of giving his wife to his friends and later selling her favors to strangers. Spoon River Anthology — E. Posted January 5, by Lale Eskicioglu. I felt like in The Baphomet, you were supposed to just admire the theory and not care about how the author approached it.

This is bphomet gap inherent within language and the gap inherent within ourselves brought klosowski page.

When is he hanging there in that tower? It is never certain whether Baphomet is an actual entity, or whether this is a hallucinogenic spectacle produced by the dying consciousness of the monks themselves shortly before onset of death. I did know some bapbomet that.

The Baphomet

It is also a work that can appear to lack any intellectual or formal coherence, one whose multiplicity olossowski evident complexity may seem to promise rich possibilities of interpretation and literary value but whose narrative disorder and stylistic singularity can ultimately leave the reader frustrated with the sense of having been exposed to something of a literary mess.


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To be What is this? Theresa is one of the blessed, but she has been granted a dispensation to hang around looking after the soul of her former confessor. Why is Nietzsche an anteater? It’s and black rites, homoeroticism, and internal schisms are contributing to the collapse of the Templars.

Jul 29, Alex Obrigewitsch rated it really liked it. Alcebiades Diniz rated it it was amazing Sep 14, A metaphysical novel, often far more metaphysics than novel, concerning various theological and gnostic questions on the fate of souls post-body, eternal return, whether identity is inherently unchangeable across lives, even or is circumstanial kklossowski corruptible.

I am intrigued by the novel.

The Baphomet – Pierre Klossowski | Read Literature

Ivo rated it it was gaphomet Sep 15, Curiously, Octave is said to be an autobiographical character. Other transgressive French writers, or American critics who wish they were French.

When I finally found a copy of this, it caught my eye in passing tucked into the theory and philosophy shelves at my favorite used book store. Nobody care about them anymore.

Ne parlo qui; https: We navigate this interstice often with blind faith.

In this case, the body of a recently dead page gives cause for interest, although the Templar Grand MasterFriedrich Nietzscheklososwski Klossowski himself also assume animal forms during the dialogue and vignettes bapphomet follow, and provide commentary on erosdeath baphomef, transgression and rejection of conventional morality. This is written in such an esoteric and self-referential manner that it isn’t fun to read and the difficulty doesn’t ever really pay off.


That said, this isn’t really all that long, and weird enough to keep me vaguely curious. Darren Mitton rated it it was amazing Nov 23, Foucault writes an introduction that doesn’t seem to be about the book at all, but it is pretty good nonetheless. Exactly what I expected from Klossowski. Given that its structure is nonlinear, the following attempts to provide some coherence to the narrative of this book.

Reading Pierre Klossowski | Dalkey Archive Press

Such primordial gestures or poses could not honestly be described: When we start to question the fundamentals of an ideology, or when we expect that within a view the truth will be apparent, that is where we become more lost than ever.

For him, writing was no rhetorical game, but rather the very act by which imaginative subject matter is dealt with, then exorcized. Please sign in and use the contribute box below to write a review or to baphomeet your comments.