Durga Devi Stotram – This App plays the images of Kanaka Durga Devi along with Durga Stotram. Best app to listen to Godess Kanakadurga. Consumes low. Mahishasura Mardini Stotram: Ayi Girinandini Nanditamedini. Devi Durga. 1. Maa Durga – The Daughter of the Mountain and Joy of the World Maa Durga . Kanaka-Pishangga Prssatka-Nissangga Rasad-Bhatta-Shrngga Hataa-Battuke |. Durga Mantra – Maa Durga is the epitome of a true woman – she is a nurturer, caregiver, protector and when necessary, the destroyer.

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It helps to promote the welfare of the person and enhance bliss and peace in life. Sage Indrakila practiced severe penance, and shotram the goddess appeared the sage pleaded Her to reside on his head and keep vigil on the wicked demons. Sri Vasavi Matha Vaibhavamu Then this mantra is effective in overcoming these issues.

Sri Durga Sahasthranamam || Sri Kanakadhara Stotram || Durgashtakam

Salutations to her who has stltram golden lotus as seat, Salutations to her who is the leader of the universe, Salutations to her who showers mercy on devas, And salutations to the consort of Him who has the bow called Stoteam.

Shiva Shadakshari Stotram was wrote by Adi Shankaracharya. Total File s Size. The Durga Shatru-Shanti Mantra is a mantra to seek protection against all enemies and adversaries.

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Hindu Mantra For Positive Stotrak. She who sits on the Lotus, She who has lotus in her hands, Kahaka who is dressed in dazzling white, She rurga shines in garlands and sandal paste, The Goddess who is the consort of Hari, She who gladdens the mind, And she who confers prosperity on the three worlds, Be pleased to show compassion to me. Offering special prayers to her during Navratri is considered highly auspicious too.


According to a legend, the now verdant Vijayawada was once a rocky region strewn with hills that obstructed the flow of River Krishna. Sri Venkateswara Vaibhavotsavamulu During the three day long festival goddess Kanaka Durga assumes the form of Shakambhari or Banashankari Amma of the Banashankari Amma Templewherein prayers are offered to the Goddess to bless all vegetables, agriculture and food so that they are plentiful and capable of nourishing the multitude.

Mahishasura Mardini Stotram – In sanskrit with meaning

To the Hari who wears supreme happiness as Ornament, The Goddess Lakshmi is attracted, Like the black bees getting attracted, To the unopened buds of black Tamala tree, Let her who is the Goddess of all good kanzka, Grant me a glance that will bring prosperity.

Additionally, if you are planning for a child but unable to conceive, chanting this mantra will help improve the chances. These are carefully chosen mantras to rectify different kinds of troubles and challenges in your life.

Views Read Edit View history. Sri Rama Sfotram Further on, here are five mantras of Maa Durga which when chanted have the powers to change your life!

Durga Mantra – 5 Maa Durga Mantras that will change your life

He who has won over Madhu, Wears the Kousthuba as ornament, And also the garland of glances, of blue Indraneela, Filled with love to protect and grant wishes to Him, Of her who lives on the lotus, And let those also fall on me, And stotraam me all that is good.


Adjacent to the Kanakadurga temple is the shrine of Malleswara Swamy on the Indrakeeladri.

Location in Andhra Pradesh. It is mentioned in curga Vedas that the deity in the Kanakadurga temple is regarded as ‘ Swayambhu ‘ or self-manifested, hence considered very powerful. Sri Kanaka Durga Devi, the chief deity of the temple is vurga as blessing the visiting devotees in various forms avatars during the ten-day festival. There Maa Durga took form from the male trinity and came to be known as Shakti. Sri Ramayanamulo Arsha Vakkulu.

Mahishasura Mardini Stotram – In sanskrit with meaning

There was a problem saving your details. Salutations to her who is light living in Lotus flower, Salutations to her who is the durag and also mother of earth, Salutations to her who is worshipped by Devas, And salutations to her who is the consort of the son of Nanda.

Temple buses are available at bus stand and railway station for every 20 minutes. Like the streak of lightning in black dark cloud, She is shining stitram the darkbroad chest, Of He who killed Kaidaba, And let the eyes of the great mother of all universe, Who is the daughter of Sage Bharghava, Fallon me lightly and bring me prosperity.

This is the place where Arjuna obtained the Pasupatha astra after his great penance for Lord Shiva. Alaya Darsanamu Achara Vaisshtyam.

To Download, Right Click on the links below and select “Save as”. Sri Kamakshi Vaibhavamu