A review, and links to other information about and reviews of The Sandcastle by Iris Murdoch. The Sandcastle begins with a fractious dialogue between Mor (the main character) and his wife Nan. It becomes clear within only a few pages. VINTAGE CLASSIC MURDOCH: Funny, subversive, fearless and fiercely intelligent, Iris Murdoch was one of the great writers of the 20th century. To celebrate.

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There are quite a few of them and they are all wonderful. Works by Sanccastle Murdoch. The garden was dark.

Supremely this curve occurred in his lips, which Rain proposed to paint curling in a slightly sarcastic and amused manner which was highly characteristic of him. Oct 19, Bob rated it really liked it. A start to finish Murdoch project sounds very worthwhile. He also has some political ambitions; to stand as a Labour Candidate in a local parliamentary seat.

An exceptional young women. Bill Mor, a housemaster and teacher at St. That’s a murdoh in itself. Sep 13, Hannah rated it liked it. I feel like this book was very British, and very s style – a lot of words and details, not a lot of dialogue, VERY little action.

Books by Iris Murdoch. Sep 26, Lauren rated it it was amazing. I am really torn in writing this–on the one hand, the author is one of Britain’s greatest post-WWII philosophers and novelists–on the other hand, I wish some of this text had been handed over to a good copy editor.

The Sandcastle (novel) – Wikipedia

Everything does eventually sanddcastle into place — though Mor has little say in it, even whether he’ll stand for M. The other teachers from the school are quite interesting characters too. I would have liked to hear more about Felicity but Murdoch concentrates her narrative on the relationship of Mor and Rain.


It’s the characters that make the book, of course. Mor falls in love with her, wants to throw away his marriage, and Nan must find a way to hold on to him. I loved them all The Sandcastle, actually, perhaps least. His enormous hand could cup the back of her head in its palm. I am delighted to find such an Iris Murdoch enthusiast.

Soon enough what begins as a relatively harmless outing with Rain leads to him entangling himself in a mess of unnecessary excuses and over-complicated cover stories, as this is a relationship clearly doomed to be messy. Art and its creation the debate on tue to paint a face are juxtaposed with the forces that make and break the life of the individual how to treat other swndcastle, love, religion, scruples. In the end patterns of order at least are restored; externally tragedy has been avoided, at whatever hidden cost.

Oct 10, dead letter office rated it really liked it.

Rain followed him and sat down on a chair to look at the canvas. See all 10 reviews. A complex battle develops, involving love, guilt, murdocj, art, and sajdcastle ambition. Refresh and try again. Iris creates her characters with such attention to detail. The quiet life of schoolmaster Bill Mor and his wife Nan is disturbed when a young woman, Rain Carter, arrives at the school to paint the portrait of the headmaster.

Yes, that’s the kind of marriage they have Part of your task is to cover that surface with a pattern.

Iris Murdoch – The Sandcastle,1957

I am always positive about Iris Murdoch’s books simply because of the detailed character descriptions, insight into motivation and clever storytelling. Feb 16, Sara rated it really liked it. Nan imagines herself strong, but she is deluded. Murdoch is no feminist.


She is there to paint a portrait of the former headmaster. Finally there is Rain, the artist who has been commissioned to paint the portrait of Demoyte, and who stirs things up amid St Bride’s school at the same time. Your guess is as good as mine. This tbe a novel that has clear roots in the late mkrdoch century tradition of realist, emotionally engaged, socially aware novels and yet is in itself fresh and gripping.

He drew his hand slowly down on to her neck. That was so interesting.

Thw too heavy, not too deep, it’s fine entertainment — but, for Murdoch, feels a bit thin. Rain Carter, a rather elfin artist appears on the scene, Mor falls in love with jurdoch, plans to leave his wife but finally does not. It appeared again, more subdued, in his eyebrows, which met bushily above his nose, and in the line made by his eyes and the deep wrinkles which led upwards from their corners.

And of this you make a virtue. I liked both the story itself and the way it was written. Bride’s School, and his wife, Nan, have been married twenty years, have two teen-age children, Don and Felicity, and have grown out of love and even oris because of Nan’s bullying strength and Mor’s inability to cope with it. If you cut them, do they not bleed?