God Speaks has ratings and 23 reviews. Talat said: My daughter called this book epic. That’s a good way to start to intimate what kind of work this. God Speaks. Meher Baba. Hardcover pages Sheriar Books is a (c)(3) (non-profit) corporation © Sheriar Foundation. Quotes from Meher Baba. Books written By Avatar Meher Baba. 1. God Speaks rses Gods’ Hand te Intelligence of Love Humanity Everything.

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God Speaks – Wikipedia

Dec 17, Drea rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: His teachings are most importantly recorded in his principal books Discourses and God Speaks. View all 3 comments.

Nov 16, Helena rated it it was amazing Shelves: While Meher Baba declared “I come not to teach, but to awaken”, [3] and did not prescribe intellect as a path to perfection, in God Speaks Meher Baba goes deeper into the subject of metaphysics than other Indian spiritual masters. Gradually the thinner gross impressions become subtle impressions, through which the soul experiences the subtle world, and as subtle impressions get exhausted, they become mental impressions, through which the soul experiences the mental world.

Yet from the point of view of souls still within the domain of illusion, they have a sequence in time. At the human level we have the opportunity to engage in spiritual evolution, which Meher Baba calls “involution. When was I less by dying? Jul 01, Phil Calandra rated it it was amazing. The God speaks is really fabulous to read. In quadruped spfaks form, an increasingly erect byy is experienced, with much more developed attributes.

This “whim” is an act of God seeking to love Himself bt to be known by humankind loving God. During reincarnation consciousness tries to liberate itself from the burden of collected impressions. The soul here starts experiencing subtle phenomena simultaneously through its gross and subtle senses. The struggle of the soul in plane 5 is to conquer lust; in plane six, to conquer greed, in plane seven, to subdue anger.


It covers Meher Baba’s view of the process of Creation and meber purpose and has been in print continuously since Views Read Edit View history. Only through the grace of a Perfect Masteror Sadgurucan this final union be accomplished. I have learned a little more about how God Speaks and how it has nothing to do with book and how many you read, nor is our purpose on earth to become trapped in the mind.

How universe works and how The man called God controls the power to xpeaks with us. Consciousness on this plane makes one capable of creating or controlling thoughts but not minds of gross- or subtle-conscious souls.

Not being able to control its feelings or thoughts, the soul is strongly tempted to handle infinite energy. That the goal of life is not to understand the truth, because it cannot ever be understood, but rather to experience it and live it.

Dec 01, Eruch Adams rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Pseaks his mandali circle of discipleshe spent long periods in seclusion, during which time he often fasted. Feb 17, Parson rated it it was amazing.

God Speaks by Meher Baba

A few souls, however, continue to be mfher this divine coma for quite a while, until, with the help of other Perfect Masters, they regain consciousness of illusion as in state 2. If the infinite potential of this plane is misused, consciousness gets completely disintegrated and the soul finds itself back to the stone-form consciousness and has to start again the long course babba evolution from there. The printing of God Speaks was an entirely new typeset using Berkeley Oldstyle font family, vs.

The next day Eruch would read to Baba what he had written. So when the human form is reached, although consciousness is fully developed, it has a store of impressions that still need to be experienced.

Sherbon rated it really liked it Oct 18, It is, in essence, a divine cosmology, a Map of soeaks Evolving Universe, in which we all play a part, to help us find the quickest and shortest route home—to our Beloved God, Who Is found, on Realization, to be our very own Self. Eruch Jessawala and Ramjoo Abdulla did the final corrections and writing work according to Baba’s dictates. To give you an idea For anyone who feel that there are too many gaps in the explanation of how life gpd death happen and what God’s relationship to everything and everyone is all about, then read this book.


The author outlines the seven steps of evolution whereby the soul associates and dissociates Itself from the following forms: Lists with This Speals.

Apr 13, Mik Hamilton, D. Saints pseaks in the fifth, sixth, and seventh planes. Eruch completed his writing work in July To make this first event more approachable to understanding, Baba gives the metaphor of an Infinite ocean and a drop of that ocean.

Editing of the second edition ended on 10 September Sean Reeves rated it it was amazing Nov 28, With more involution consciousness enters the sixth planewhich is the higher mental world.

The book was spsaks of little gems but it wasn’t very easy to read. The concept of the evolution of consciousness was truly mind expanding. Here the soul can use more aspects of the infinite energy by performing greater miracles, such as giving sight to the blind, or restoring maimed limbs.

God Speaks

Through the entire process of evolution, the soul has been consciously identifying itself with the evolving gross body shariryet, unconsciously, it has also been identifying itself with the evolving subtle and mental body pran and mana. I learned that I am not my body, I am not my Mind.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. To ask other readers questions about God Speaksplease sign up. Further involution of consciousness makes the soul experience the third plane.