Find great deals for Endress Hauser Prosonic FMU Ultrasonic Transmitter Measuring System. Shop with confidence on eBay!. matrix fmu – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. FMU Ultrasonic Measurement Operating Instructions. FMU FMU FMU Endress + Hauser The Power of Know How.

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Thetwo-channel version is for differential measurement or collecting data from individualmeasuring points. In addition, certainmatrix fields tmu system information, e. Mountingmaterial screws or nuts for post mounting and the all weather protective cover isenclosed. Depending upon the positionat which it is mounted, the external limit switch can be used to detect maximum orminimum limits.

In a separate operating unit for mounting in a rack, when the board with thetransmitter electronics can be mounted separately. If the flow unit selected is to small, the Prosonic automatically revents to the last unit withwhich the measurement was possible.

Configuration of thecyclic data telegramUse the configuration software of your PLC in order to compose the data telegram from these modules in one of the following ways: Basic settings Basic adjustment and Linearization, only necessary for special applications. Depending on the mfu, it may be important for the switch-on point to be higherthan the switch-off point, or vice versa. If installed incorrectly orused for applications for which they are not intended, however, it is possible thatapplication-related dangers may arise, e.

If a different linearisation is chosen, the manually entered characteristic remains storedin the Prosonic FMU, without being used. Replace it by the numerical value of your unit of measurement. The cable is shielded by metallic braiding. Application parameter 0LiquidsApplication parameter 0, see Fig.


Endresse Hauser FMU Ultrasonic measurement | Vikat Ekinox

Having activated linearization, the points are sorted according to rising level andsubjected to a plausibility check. The end of the measuring range fku determined by the attenuation of the ultrasonic pulseby the air as well as by the strength of the reflection from the product surface.

The operating manual is structured as follows: Two additional settings allow that the switching behaviour of the relay to be modified: Fmy of linearization, horizontal, cylindrical tank and tank with conical outlet, aredescribed in sections 4.

The operating matrix is given at the back of this manual.

Valid device addresses are in the range from 1 to One relay can be assigned different functions. Should this be used instead of the Prosonic GSD, then only the two main values can be transmitted.

Manual Prosonic Fmu – [PDF Document]

The following linearizations can be selected in V2H0: Transmitter versionsTransmitters and their applicationsProsonic FMU for continuous level and volumetric measurement of liquids andsolids in tanks and silos.

The Prosonic 8600 or has a current output for The LED of a relay for counting pulses briefly flashes at every counting pulse maximum pulse rate of the relay 1 Hz. If a value is entered whichexceeds the 8660 range of the sensor,the transmitter assumes the default value. With FMU we advise you to adjust and linearize channel 1 first after the basic setting for channel 2 see chapter 4. The relay is in the de-energized state dropped 8660 when the normally closedcontact is closed.


The cables of different groups must be separated. The operating unit mounted in the control panelor rack must be grounded!

Each field in the matrix is accessed by a vertical V and horizontal H position which can fum entered using the keys on the Prosonic or the handheldterminal. Alternating pump control in V1H4: Setting of the device address1.

If the units connected to the signal line cannot handle signals below 4 mA, it is possibleto define a 4 mA threshold in V8H2, below which the analogue output may not drop. For FMU we recommend that, after the basic settings, channel 1 should first beadjusted and linearized, then channel 2.

Weirs and Flumes Appendix B: A relay function which concerns only channel 1 or channel 2 has itsown number for each channel.

Reset the transmitter, mode average value, enter sensor types, see Basic settings4. These characteristics are memorised for the weirs or flumes and the fmuu one has tobe activated by specifying a characteristic number.

Endress Hauser Prosonic FMU 860 Ultrasonic Transmitter Measuring System

Relays Prosonic FMU The transmitter in matrix field V0H0 indicates the measurand as percentage ofthe measuring range for channel 2 in V4H0. Open the operating plate4. Commonscreened cable fku be used. Guidelines for planning and commissioning1.

Note the settings When entering the parameters the values entered can be noted in the table on page