Electrotecnia. Fundamentos teóricos y aplicaciones prácticas. Gray Alexander, Wallace. Aguilar – Foto Libros de Segunda Mano – Ciencias, Manuales y Oficios – Física, Química y Matemáticas: wallace. Compra, venta y subastas de Física. Download Citation on ResearchGate | Electrotecnia: fundamentos teóricos y aplicaciones prácticas / por Alexander Gray y G. A. Wallace | Traducción de.

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Two possible operating points S95 and S86 are indicated in the curves. A minimum grade of C is required for all prerequisite More information.

This does not affect the pre-detection stage of the automatic detector since amplitudes are compared to the background level in each frequency band. To obtain the first feature we compute the ratio of the maximum dallace value of the broadband signal, to the maximum absolute value of the signal in the narrow frequency band in which an event was detected. Classification By design, the pre-detection stage has very high sensitivity, but the false positive rate of pre-detections is also high.

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National University of La Plata. Open in a electrotefnia window. Electeotecnia comparing both detectors assuming none of them is perfect we report the positive agreement PA Cicchetti and Feinstein, ; Aarabi et al. The precise value depends on the number of FO pre-detections in the recording. For each patient, 30 min of non-REM sleep recordings were marked in a channel bipolar montage. Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics; We simply select the threshold values that minimize the number of false positive detections for any given number of true positive detections.

Calle 1 y Course level Undergraduate 1. Several detections can occur almost simultaneously at different frequency bands. We tried other options, such as clustering algorithms, and other features. A computational model for auditorium design. The background signal level is computed based on the RMS signal of the previous step, averaged in a causal moving window of length t b.


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But it does affect both features in the classification stage, leading to an increased pruning of the attenuated higher frequency events. Name of the Faculty: General Physics belongs to the core course module of the Degree of Telecommunication Technologies and Services Engineering.

The resulting stop-band attenuation is 40 dB, and pass-band ripple 0. A low parameter value may show excellent positive agreement and positive predicted values at high sensitivity, but the reason is simply that there are almost continuous detections.

From the figure there seems to be no reason to treat differently the fast gamma 40—80 Hz and ripple 80— Hz bands. A College More information. Higher sampling frequency recordings would allow a more accurate evaluation of the number of events as a function of the frequency. We are interested in two aspects of the detector performance. If a higher parameter value is used, the positive agreement and positive predicted values will deteriorate at high sensitivities, but remain almost unchanged at low sensitivities.

Automatic detection of fast oscillations (40– Hz) in scalp EEG recordings

The sensitivity and positive predicted values are computed wallacf. There is a high agreement between an expert reviewer and the automatic detector regarding the channels with the highest proportion of fast oscillations.

Misinterpretation and misuse of the kappa statistic. From the table we also see that the percentage of automatic detections that occur at the same time as a spike is lower for the automatic detector.

P G Scholar, Dept. How reliable are chance-corrected measures of agreement? The processing of each 30 min recording of the 31 channels takes around 5 min of computing time in a standard desktop computer. Kappa muddles together two sources of disagreement: Very fast rhythmic activity on scalp EEG associated with epileptic spasms.


I, Editorial Mir, Second edition, Moscu Early studies reported fast oscillations in scalp EEG of only a small percentage of epileptic patients Rodin et al.

Methods In order to design our detector, we adopted the following qualitative definition of an FO: A smaller generator for the scalp FOs than for the spikes could be the reason of this smaller amplitude. As to why they can be seen on the scalp, we found that the physiological noise level is lower in higher frequency bands than in the frequency band associated to the spikes 3—40 Hzat least during non-REM sleep.

Vas; Electrical Machines and Drives.

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International Journal of Electronic and Electrical Engineering. A Example of true positive events illustrating clear events marked by the expert and identified by the detector. Low amplitude pre-detections could also be avoided by rising the threshold of the pre-detection stage, but a better overall performance elecfrotecnia the automatic detector is achieved when using the proposed feature. In each frequency band we compute the RMS value of the signal in a moving window of duration equal to 4 cycles of the center frequency of the band, and compare it to a moving threshold.

Notes used for Course E.

In fact, we found in our scalp recordings that the spikes, fast gamma, and ripple oscillations have all a similar signal to noise ratio in their respective frequency bands.