Dark Soul series. Love lights even the darkest soul. A killer’s moral compass rarely points true, and among made men, being gay is a capital crime. But Silvio. Dark Soul, Volume I – Kindle edition by Aleksandr Voinov. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, Book 1 of 3 in Dark Soul (3 Book Series). Dark Soul: The Complete Collection – Kindle edition by Aleksandr Voinov. Download it Aleksandr Voinov (Author) . This is a series of five books. It is one.

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I don’t want this series to end Dec 09, Rach swries it it was amazing Shelves: I had time to savour, to watch out for hints. Silvio is a killer and the heir of a retired consigliere.

Seems Stefano is having some troubles with the Russians trying to take over his turf.

I don’t think I’d like to run into him on a dark night. Thank you for making me happy, Aleksandr. View all 4 comments.

View all 19 comments. Silvio is out cruising looking for that hurt seeies sex that makes him just fly away, and Stefano comes looking for him. I realize this is the final installment for some characters and angles, but I do hope we hear from other voices in this world.

Together with Donata, Stefano’s wife. View all 27 comments. In this series Book 2. Slul it destroyed him, so be it.

We don’t know what happened to the main characters after their first encounter, how Stefano, for example, made love to his wife after having his sexual world shaken by his meeting with Silvio, if he thought about him every day, if he was afraid that episode would reach the ears of people who shouldn’t know. Jan 23, Steph rated it really liked it Shelves: Although I’m planning to start rereading the series first thing tomorrow morning. In the final installment, Stefan works thru the effects his affair has on his life.


Dark Soul Vol. 1

But I have to say it was written in such a way that even though what was happening was wrong it never overwhelmed me. Sexual tension thick enough to eat with a spoon. Oct 10, Isa K. Battista, provides help to Stephano in the form of “Silvio”.

The stories might seem like its all about Silvio, but I am very aware of Stefano. Instead they felt like cardboard cutouts or the stereotypes of anything “mafia” as they exist in popular opinion. There is and was a lot of hype going on about this series, the books surface on many rec lists, and the author certainly is at the top of the pile.

Silvio is so intense that many can not look him in the eyes for long. The only orders he follows are Battista’s, whether on the killing field or in his bed. Carved all hurt, pain, resentment, disappointment, and failure out of his soul and burned it.

Love lights even the darkest soul? I have read it three times now in two days and each time my heart picks up something new.

I wasn’t expecting THAT! Alksandr makes me very nervous. But I do know what I would like to happen to Gianbattista Falchi of course, that’s not for me to decide! Somebody had torn Silvio, made him suffer, and while part of him was appalled by that, another part seies him admired the fact that Silvio not only suffered as sensuously as he did, but also that he’d won out.

It was so interesting to try to figure out which one of the men were playing mind games with other. Overall the first three in the series were the best. Silvio is one of the most charismatic and attractive characters I’ve ever read about, from the moment his ambisexual leather clad body comes on the scen I have been doing a Thing recently about Top 10 books.


I was expecting the series to be darker, but that may be my warped mind wanting more sadistic things to happen yes I am sexually warped and I love it. Scenes like this make Dark Soul books such great rereads!

Dark Soul Vol. 4 (Dark Soul, #4) by Aleksandr Voinov

My over exuberance for this series led me to instant one click without checking the synopsis or warnings. The way the story went was simply amazing! I love this series. Both Silvio and Stefano and even Donata ale,sandr inside my heart and made me care. I am so sad that the next volume is the last, but I am excited to see how this all ends: I was expecting fireworks and crazy chemistry and sizzling heat.

But not only the Mafia plot took its toll, the relationship developments had me sitting on the edge of my seat, too. And this 4,8 stars are more than all my previous 5 ratings reviews until now. Just going by reviews and blurbs. The entire Dark Soul series was amazing, but left me with a lot more questions than answers.

Dear Author Recommended Reads. Mr Voinov took me on a journey with his words to a place that was unfamiliar and forbidden. Nov 25, Susan rated it it was amazing Shelves: Dark Soul is the most intriguing, erotic, and suspenseful journey into the life of two men that were made by circumstance but find a way to sedies free and themselves.