What truths are revealed that has caused so many lapsed Catholics to return home? yourself when you read Catholicism and Fundamentalism by Karl Keating. Karl Keating defends Catholicism from Fundamentalist attacks and explains why Fundamentalism has been so successful in converting ‚ÄúRomanists. Keating’s book provides an impressively researched and eminently readable defense of Catholicism Fundamentalists often work on the principle that the Bible is such a .. Karl Keating is founder and senior fellow at Catholic Answers.

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They know Constantine legalized Christianity in and they have been told his Edict of Milan precipitated the rise of the Catholic Church, but they know little of the shape of Christianity in the years immediately preceding or following Constantine’s rule. But through college and out in your job you feel like you are surrounded by Bible thumping Christians who have taken as their personal crusade to convert their heathen brother.

The value of The Faith of the Early Fathers is not to be found, though, in how much shelf space or how many dollars it saves, but in its doctrinal index, which lets the reader locate at once references to the sorts of issues fundamentalists bring up. Peter and the Papacy. Typically, after giving a bibliography, he presents an outline of a book, then devotes a few paragraphs to its author, origin, intended karo, and special aims.

Catholicism and Fundamentalism

Maybe even went to Catholic School. The Attack on “Romanism” by “Bible Christians”. However popular street-corner preaching once was in England, its popularity there was never great, and in both places, it has nearly disappeared.

On the one hand, it highlights the Evangelical organizations that target Catholics and try to persuade them to leave the Church. Without reading this book, I may have never become Catholic. The second part of the book, going through the Catholic doctrines that fundamentalists chiefly criticize tradition vs. Videos About This Book. Especially all the shoddy history that has been written by so-called “ex-priests” who have an axe to grind.


Are we living in the “Last Days”? Among the best defenses of Catholicism against Protestant Evangelicals. To disbelieve in the keatlng as even many Catholics, fundamentailsm practice, seem to do, is to live other than sanely, much fudnamentalism a physician who disbelieves in bacteria lives other than sanely. The book contain 4, questions posed to the Radio Priests during their many years on the air in the United States and Australia.

It is catho,icism a good book to read to understand the development of the term fundamentalism, a pejorative and misunderstood term in popular culture.

Oct 15, JoAnne Potter rated it really liked it. His rebuttals are clear, detailed, and charitable. Editors of encyclopedias excepted, of course. Rumble and Carty, Replies I: Food for the Mind. On the other hand, this book is very dated in a lot of ways.

The only truly new invention seems to be the new level of animosity and vociferousness. Jan 05, Chrismpadgett Padgett rated it really liked it. One might say he wrote himself into the Church. After showing the origins of fundamentalism, he examines representative anti-Catholic groups and presents their arguments in their own words.

Ott covers the issue, giving references to and quotations from papal encyclicals somewhat useful, but of course not authoritative in fundamentalists’ eyesthe Bible here is what they wantthe Fathers and Doctors of the Church, and Church councils. Mar 06, Code Phined rated it it was amazing.

Only when he has this will his Bible reading turn truly fruitful. Bringing Catholics to Real Christianity. Food for the Mind. Nov 28, Jason Townsend rated it it was amazing. Twenty citations are given. A very well written book that sheds light on many sensationalist claims. It’s maybe your mom’s voice in the back of your head that she raised you a particular way.


It was unbelievably educative. As one of the nation’s many, many K-8th grade Catholic students, I thought once I graduated from Sacred Heart Catholic School in Jacksonville, Florida I no longer needed to advance my religious education. These people can be touched only by grace, not by anything the Catholic apologist can do. The problem of poorly catechized Catholics is widespread, and their ignorance allows them to fall away from active Catholicism.

I had a Bible, I attended services and kept to God’s Commandments and Sacraments and left it at that. For twenty-five years I was certain I a was a “good Christian”, praying to Jesus for dundamentalism and wisdom and abiding by His rules, only to learn that many factions insisted I was living a lie. History must be learned to understand the truth.

Catholicism and Fundamentalism

You will rarely guess correctly how they will phrase their accusations, because your presuppositions are different. Sheed means there is too much we do not know about Jesus, at least regarding His everyday activities, we know, for instance, only one event between His infancy and the start of His ministry, for this to be a regular biography. Karl Keating is the founder of Catholic Answers. The Attack on “Romanism” by “Bible Christians”. Headingfor instance, is the proposition that Christ is catohlicism present in the Eucharist under the appearance of bread and wine.

Jurgens’ The Faith of the Early Fathers 23 is another three-volume set that covers the same years as Tixeront’s and somewhat more than does Quastern’s that is, from the first century through the eighth. Good read for either Catholics or Protestants.