Python reticulatus, also known as the (Asiatic) reticulated python, is a species of python found in Southeast Asia. Adults can grow to m ( ft) in length but. Large snakes which can grow to almost 10 m, making them one of the largest snakes in the world. They are yellow or brown with rhomboidal dark markings. Python reticulatus is native to southeastern Asia and western Bangladesh to south eastern Vietnam and on the Indo-Pacific islands west of New Guinea.

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Copyright Snakeman Raymond Hoser. Baker, Nick and Kelvin Lim. Mullin and Seigel, ; Willson and Dorcas, Herpetological Review 44 1: The viability of the eggs depends on the mother’s ability to protect and incubate them, as well as high levels of humidity.

This page was last edited on 29 Octoberat Oviparousfemales lay between 15 and 80 eggs per clutch. The influence of sex and body size on food habits of a giant tropical snake, Python reticulatus.

File:Reticulated Python (Broghammerus reticulatus) (7783890374).jpg

Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution. Reticulated pythons hunt small rodents near farmlands which farmers encourage because it helps reduce rodents interacting with crops.

Retrieved from ” https: Photos of Reticulated pythons for free download from wildsingapore flickr.

Adult super dwarf reticulated pythons are typically between 1. Classification Kingdom Animalia animals Animalia: These snakes exhibit indeterminate growth. Mullin and Seigel, ; Willson and Dorcas, Known Predators Crocodiles, hawks, eagles, herons, small mammals Ecosystem Roles The reticulated python plays a key role in prey regulation amongst rodents in environments near farmlands and grasslands.


Generally this species has shown that females grow much larger than males broghammerhs respect to size and weight. A reclassification of the pythoninae including the descriptions of two new genera, two new species and nine new subspecies. A good climber, even tree dwellers are not safe from it. Because of its large size, reticulated pythons are hunted and sold internationally for their skin throughout the whole year.

Liasis fuscus Liasis mackloti Liasis olivaceus Liasis papuanus Liasis savuensis. Taylor and Francis, London.

Python reticulatus is light yellowish to brown on the dorsal portion of their bodies with black lines extending from the ventral area of the eyes diagonally down towards the snout. The breeding season for the reticulated python is said to be concentrated in the months of February and March. The diversity of a snake community in a karst forest ecosystem in the central Truong Son, Vietnam, with an identification key.

However, in a month-old infant was found dead in his crib after a pet reticulated python had escaped its containment. Reticulated python Scientific classification Kingdom: The Herpetological Journal Make your own badge here.

The Reptiles of the Indo-Australian Archipelago. Broghammerus reticulatus jampeanusAuliya et al. Verlag, Heidelberg, pp. Precipitation is typically not limiting, but may be somewhat seasonal. Malayopython reticulatus reticulated python. Like all pythons, they are nonvenomous constrictors.


Its large size makes it difficult to provide an area large enough to support a healthy captive python. Snakes of West Malaysia and Singapore. And the previous edit history is shown by clicking here. According to EcologyAsia, its scientific name is Malayopython reticulatus. The reticulated python can also been found in agricultural lands, scrubland, parkland, mangroves and even cities where it inhabits sewers.

Reticulated python (Broghammerus reticulatus) on the Shores of Singapore

Palearctic living in the northern part of the Old World. However, the predation on adult pythons is very scarce and limited to crocodiles and other large predators.

The terrestrial herpetofauna of Pulau Tioman, Peninsular Malaysia. Tweet Please submit feedback about this entry to the curator. They estimated a divergence of the Reticulated Pythons Broghammerus reticulatus and the Burmese Pythons, known as the type species for the genus Python as being about million years or perhaps even more. Mullin and Seigel, ; Seigel and Collins, ; Willson and Dorcas, Mating System polyandrous The breeding season for the reticulated python is said to be concentrated in the months of February and March.