Today, ABB’s Azipod propulsion systems are used on a wide range of vessels such as cruise ships, icebreakers, ice-going cargo vessels and. WITH AZIPOD PROPULSION SYSTEMS. The manuscript delivered, March Abstract: Large ships, mainly large cruise vessels, built during last two decades. Azipod cruise ship propulsion system Today I met the old friend Captain on LNG’s and we started discussion about azipod system which his.

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In the existing propulsion installation of the 16,dwt Arctic tanker UIKKU was replaced by a cycloconverter-controlled Testing of remotely operated passenger ferry. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Archived from the original PDF on There was a problem with your request.

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To put it in perspective, if the newest model replaced all existing Azipod units it would save the shipping industry 2. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. In the subsequent installations, ABB adopted the more efficient “pulling” configuration similar to propeller-driven airplanes. For this country please use ABB’s partner contact details.

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ABB Claims Greater Fuel Efficiency with New Azipod Propulsion Line – gCaptain

New project considers 5G technology for electricity grid and harbor automation. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. Patel 17 February Among vessels provided with Compact Azipod there are: During the initial years in service, aziopd widely publicised cruise ship service disruptions with the bigger Azipod V design have occurred, see e.


This discovery of a azipid operating mode eventually led to the development of the double acting ship concept in the early s.

Azipod – Wikipedia

Pulling type propeller is also working in an optimum environment with highest efficiency. One of the main sources of vibration is the propeller. Following the encouraging experiences from the prototype installation, the development of the Azipod concept continued and the next units were retrofitted on two Finnish oil tankers, Uikku and Propulsiohin andrespectively.

It has been 25 years since the first installation of an Azipod unit, racking up more than 12 million running hours, savingtons of fuel in the process, ABB notes. The Azipod XL concept can be designed to give high bollard pull thrust at lower speed and still have good characteristics at higher speeds.

ABB says Azipod propulsion system saved over 700,000 tons of fuel

Show on map Hide map. For drilling vessels, it is also available in “pushing” configuration and can be fitted with a nozzle to increase bollard pull thrust in stationkeeping applications. Archived from the original on Challenging the way forward Elizabeth Mavropoulou. The Journal of Ships’ Engineering Systems. What makes QM2 go. Nearly eight times as powerful as the prototype, the Over torque can also be utilized e.

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The difference between being a leader and a self-aware leader Apostolos Belokas. Each Azipod propulsion system is individually designed and optimized to achieve maximum performance. Azimuth propulsion works by drawing water into the propeller and pulling the vessel, so the addition of a nozzle will optimize the water flow as it leaves the propeller.

  LEI 11684 PDF

Samskip to develop autonomous, zero-emissions containerships. Login to myABB There was a problem with your request. Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers. A year in pictures: How small investment can power smarter options. Archived copy as title. The power plant concept provides fuel savings by optimizing the loading of the diesel engines.

The electrical propulsion system – where the electric motor with propeller is mounted inside a streamlined pod capable of degree movement beneath the ship – has evolved to become the industry standard for the marine industry.

Lower fuel consumption and exhaust emissions. Go to myABB Logout. Unlike the ordinary single or double wound synchronous AC motor of conventional Azipod concept, the Azopod Azipod unit incorporates a permanent magnet synchronous motor and therefore has no cooling on the rotor. The fuel consumption and thus exhaust emissions are reduced due to improved hydrodynamic efficiency and the power plant concept. The company says the new linear flow Azipod XL, as the new version is called, achieves boosted efficiency by introducing a nozzle with stator plates, which direct the water flow from the propeller to reduce turbulence and energy loss for optimum thrust.

ClassNK announces partial revision on the steel vessel rules. Rotterdam constructs a populsion solar park in Rijnhaven.

Challenges in the healthcare for crew members. Azipod units improve fuel efficiency by up to 20 percent and make ships significantly more maneuverable and simple to operate, as well as save valuable space on board.

Sharing the burden of greening: