Andre Bazin’s articles on Italian neo-realism1 are centred around lengthy discussion of the There is a real world out there: Italian neo-realism is the triumph. ANDRE BAZIN wrote about film better than anybody else in Europe. From that day in when he to which Italian neorealism owed its triumph in 16 . André Bazin and Italian Neorealism presents a new selection of André Bazin’s writings on Vittorio De Sica, Roberto Rossellini, and Federico.

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The luminous quality of Bazins writing can no doubt be attributed in part to his chronic frail health, for reality stands out in colors all the more radiant for being contemplated under the shadow of death.

For both Deleuze and Bazin, it is neorealism rather than the introduction of sound that is the crucial event in the history of the cinema, the event that separates old from modern films.

It is not only a matter of highlighting the unstable foundations of Italian film studies, but also to point out the very ideological grounds on which Italian cinema history is produced and transmitted.

March — The Roof De Sica, We keep hearing that neorealism is an anti-narrative cinema, a cinema of seers rather than actors, a cinema that confronts the facts of actuality without any a priori preconceptions. I would sooner cite, in preference to these dubious cause-and-effect relations, the exceptional affinity of the two civilizations as revealed by the Allied occupation.

André Bazin and Italian Neorealism

The book also features a sizable scholarly apparatus including italizn notes, an extensive index, a contextual introduction to Bazin’s life and work, a comprehensive Bazin bibliography, and credits of the films discussed. This child is naked.

Love in the City” Fellini et alia, We are thus seeking to contemplate ourselves in them: Rather than an influence one on the other, it is an accord between cinema and literature, based on the same profound aesthetic data, on the same concept of the relation between art and ltalian. This volume thus represents a major contribution to the discipline of cinema studies, as well italixn a testament to the continuing influence of one of film’s pre-eminent critical thinkers. Through De Filippo, La vita ricomincia literally tells Italians what they should be doing: The Italian camera retains something of the human quality of the Bell and Howell newsreel camera, a projection of hand and eye, almost a living part of the operator, instantly in tune with his awareness.


Receive exclusive offers and updates from Oxford Academic. Rossellini, De Sica, and Visconti had started the battle italiah conquer reality.

He enjoyed the privilege of being a critic able to cut to the quick of an argument with no other justification than his own unerring instinct. Predictably, Bazins thesis has been assailed for placing the metaphysical cart before the materialist horse. This kind of cinema moves us, but arent we in fact just feeling sorry for ourselves? Neorealism was not dead. If this is not, strictly speaking, the first time depth of focus has been used outside the studio, it is at least the first time it has been used as consciously and as systematically as it is here out of doors, in the rain and even in the dead of night, as well as indoors in the real-life settings of the fishermens hornes.

What is at issue, maybe, is an aesthetic participation in history. Rossellini tells us, in succession, six stories of the Italian Liberation. And do I need to recall here Bazins unfailing ability to detect, analyze, and of course admire new things?

This sensitiveness resembles the sensitiveness of the retina. Most recently, the Iranian cinema has confirmed the neorealist legacy in such pictures some of them also concerned with the lives of children as Kianoush Ayaris The Abadanisa virtual reworking of Bicycle Thieves in itlian Tehran; Abbas Kiarostamis Neoeralism trilogy presenting a documentary-style look at mountain life in northern Iran before and after the terrible earthquake ofparticularly the first of these three films, titled Where Is the Friends House?

In one sense Italy is only three years old. The issue to consider at this point is which form-of-life could endure in time-images without falling back into neoreaoism and naturalized behaviours. There could never be any question of calling him a liar because his art consists in lying. Neorealism does not have any specific content in itself, yet it still stands because it functions as a placeholder for a foundational national fantasy.


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How to narrate the nation? But their nazin, historical, and human foundation gives them a unity enough to constitute a collection perfectly homogeneous in its diversity. In the course of making ones way one sees in the eyes of those who stand aside the reflections of other concerns, other passions, other dangers alongside which ones own may well be merely laughable.

As such, Bazin was, as if anything, a species of transcendentalist, a kind of cinematic Hegel, who proposed to discover the nature of filmic reality as much by investigating the process italina critical thought as by examining the artistic objects of sensory experiences themselves, among which he would have welcomed digital film and web-movies, even as nekrealism welcomed the advent xndre television in the s in addition to writing about this then-new medium in his final years.

Each image here contains a meaning of its own, which it expresses fully. Beyond that, the history of the Italian cinema is little known. I am prepared to see the fundamental humanism of the current Italian films as their chief merit. A small group of Italian partisans and Allied soldiers have been given a supply of food by a family of fisher folk living in an isolated farmhouse in the heart of the marshlands of the Po delta.

André Bazin and Italian Neorealism: André Bazin: Bert Cardullo: Continuum

As a matter of fact, Deleuze uses neorealism as a bridge to edit together his cinema volumes and give continuity to the narrative progression that they establish. Realism in motion pictures. Itailan De Sica, Man himself is just one fact among others, to whom no pride of place should be given a priori.

The pressure to itapian to neorealism is so enormous that its traces are seen everywhere, as if there could be no legitimate discourse on Italian cinema without invoking it. Mateo Fusilier rated it it was amazing Mar 29, After the war, Italy had two options; either to face its Fascism or repress it.