Yamaha AN1x Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Yamaha AN1x Owner’s Manual. View and Download Yamaha AN1x owner’s manual online. Control Synthesizer Analog Physical Modeling. AN1x Synthesizer pdf manual download. View and Download Yamaha AN1x service manual online. AN1x Synthesizer pdf manual download.

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Memory – RAM patches. Step Sequencer Edit Creating your own Step Sequencer patterns is a simple and straightforward process. The Pan parameter sets the type of stereo panning, or the way the sound moves between the left and right speakers.

Voice Free Eg Utility Control Assign Function System Exclusive Messages C 1 Assign Page 73 The Control Matrix gives you the freedom to configure sources and parameters for each voice.

Editing Voices AN1x creates and enhances sound, as well as how the various controls work to manipulate the many features.

The Arpeggiator lets you play arpeggiated chord patterns at the press of a key. Includes Knob and Pattern parameters related to the Step Sequencer.

ah1x Free Eg Recording Procedure Voice Select This section provides a list of the many AN1x parameters and a description of each for reference purposes. For information about Scene-related Store functions, see page Layer Layer parameter settings apply to the selected Layer mode, and affect both Scenes. By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page.

Yamaha AN1x Owner’s Manual

Thicken the sound with Unison play. Panel Parameter Ab1x This section provides a list of the many AN1x parameters and a description of each for reference purposes. The following graph shows how the decay changes when a key is pressed if a positive PEG Decay mannual is set. Turning Portamento On And Off For information about the procedure for assigning controllers, see page Mode 2 is a special list of Control Change parameter settings unique to the AN1x.


What Is A Voice Creating Original Voices Page 80 EF Bypass Effect Bypass Effect Bypass settings let you bypass specific effects, which is convenient when creating an original voice.

Yamaha AN1X Analog Physical Modeling Synthesizer Manuals & A/c Power | eBay

Scene Store loads the data msnual the Scene edit buffer, so you will need to perform a Voice Store operation to store the Scene parameters as voice data. For a blank chart of all available parameters which you can use when editing your own voices, see page The Portamento Time setting determines the time it takes for the pitch to reach the subsequent note played.

Since this setting is a system parameter, it cannot be stored as voice data, and therefore remains as set regardless of which voice is selected. For step-by-step examples of how to create specific types of voices, including analog synth classics like Synth Bass and Synth Brass, as well as traditional Electronic Organ and Electric Piano voices and more, see page Voice Creation Mabual Page 74 Convenient Parameter Control You can manuak the Control Matrix sets to assign a single controller to control more than one parameter, or multiple controllers to control the same parameter.

For more information about VCO1, see pages 10, This, together with the current Tempo setting see page 77determines the interval between steps. If a cart, etc. Pattern Pattern parameters let you designate which pattern to play by the Step Sequencer, as well as set timing resolution, sequence length, type of loop and event control number. How To Use This Manual Base Unit The Base Unit parameter designates xn1x timing resolution for the sequence pattern.

If these corrective measures do not produce satisfactory results, please an1d the your local retailer authorized to distribute this type of product.

You are now the proud manuql of the AN1x Control Synthesizer, a fully-professional digital keyboard with powerful sound and versatile real-time control features. More items related to this product. Turn on the Arpeggio Hold function, play an even-numbered note chord, and see how the different pattern Types and Subdivide settings react. Yamaha Combo Modeling Guitar Amplifiers. Turning the knob to the right widens the range of the cutoff frequency change.

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Select a voice that you don’t mind writing over. Lfo1 Wave Port Time Portamento Time Portamento is an effect commonly used in singing or when playing a bowed instrument, where the sound is carried in a continuous glide from one note or more to the next, through all the intermediate pitches. Factory Settings You can recall all of the original voices, plus scene, Step Sequencer, system, MIDI, and other parameter settings which were programmed at the factory.

Using The Controllers Step Sequencer Edit Taking the time to work through the simple manaul to create each will give you a deeper understanding of how the various tone generator parameters work together, as well as how to practically apply the Control Matrix.

For more information about Scenes, see page Sustain The Sustain setting determines the level of sustain of the AEG, which is the level at which the volume will be maintained for as long as a key is held. Manhal parameters are related to the synchronization status of the two VCO1 oscillators master and slavewhich are the fundamental waveform generating elements in the AN1x.

Playing Arpeggiated Chords As such, you have an enormous palette of sound textures available which you can apply in real-time as you play.