1N, datasheet for 1N – SILICON 3-LAYER BILATERAL TRIGGERS provided by New Jersey Semi-Conductor Products, Inc.. 1N pdf. 1NA,AA. Leakage Current. IBeth Direction!). (Applied Voltage • 14 Voml NJ Semi-Conductors encourages customers to verify that datasheets are . 1N Datasheet: Silicon 3-Layer Bilateral Triggers, 1N PDF Download New Jersey Semiconductor, 1N Datasheet PDF, Pinouts, Data Sheet.

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The variety of different trigger devices available complicates device selection. The MTTL Dl IC family utilizes nichrome resistors, post metalization passivation, monometallic inter- connections, and very small high frequency transistor structures to enhance the radiation resistant qualities of this line. I BQ 0. Out- put capabilities range from 15 watts at MHz 1n7560 2 watts at adtasheet GHz. Select from standard factory available types or design the suppressor to meet specific needs by paralleling cells.

1N5760 Datasheet PDF – New Jersey Semiconductor

Resident Software Used with the EXORciser or Evaluation Modulo, this package consists of the Editor – for editing operations on linos or character strings – end the Assembler – wh ich uses a two pass operation to produce listing and object tape.

Justification of the choice of metals for the system is provided in the discussion. dwtasheet

Where the specified characteristics of the “preferred” devices listed in the following selector guides do not meet a particular design requirement, the designer is requested to contact his nearest Motorola sales representative for price quotations on special devices to fit his needs.


R 1N IN 1N A A, The basic arrays with the addition of custom metalization. Devices differ principally in BVqeq. Standard package, normally supplied by vendors; 2. Three package variations are available: In the datssheet package R Suffixthe case is ground for both types allowing direct mounting on a common heat sink. The TO — is the most popular, high-volume plastic package and will meet most of your high-performance, low-cost requirements.

R 1NA 1N This Selector Guide is to help adtasheet designer choose the best silicon power transistor for his new equipment and find suitable replacements for devices vatasheet in older designs.

1N5760 Datasheet

R 1NB 1N 1N These units feature very low forward voltages and switching times estimated at less than 10 datasyeet.

Adequate information for constructing the circuit is included. Low Level 2 Chips are sold datasneet increments of ten 10 only. BVqss to 25 vdc – ‘DSS ,rom 2.

Programmable logic is designed to replace hardwired logic and costly custom microcomputer functions. Highar cost than above plastic series. AP ara tradamarks of Motorola Inc. Devices meeting the requirements of EIA specifications RSC, andas well as differential current mode and open collector peripheral drivers are covered. Darlington devices are not only a very high gain alternative; other significant advantages include: FM IF amplifier, limiter, detector.

1N Datasheet, PDF – Alldatasheet

Fiald programmabla by “blowing” appro- priata nichromo ratittort to braak matalnation linkl. Output current capability can be increased further through use of one or more external pass transistors. These new functions will offer the designer even more flexibility and oppor- tunities for creative design.


In addition to dielectric isolation, this family of devices utilizes nichrome resistors throughout. Hot Carrier Devices For high-frequency power supplies demanding switching times of less than 10 nano-seconds. Often these devices possess both Linear and Digital circuitry and performance parameters. Can dehuer load currents to t mA, for driving low impedance loads. Choppers and Switches 4.

The voltage and current capabilities are limited only by the characteristics of the series element.

Ack Electronics Inc. Parts Inventory List

Some of the more important features include: To obtain copies of these notes, simply list the AN number or numbers and send your request on your company letterhead to: The low power dissipation and flexible power supply requirements of this family of devices greatly simplify power supply design, and the high noise immunity and large fanout capability reduce parts count and simplify printed circuit board layout.

ROMs which are specifically intended for use with the M Microcomputer Fam- ily are shown in another table. Current rating up to 50 A.